Empowering Teachers with cutting-edge pedagogy for the optimal enrichment of students
The mission of the Edvanatge is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality, research-based professional development program for educators and teachers.


• Cultivate and deepen their knowledge base of the craft and art of teaching and learning.

• Understand and implement effective educational strategies that facilitate student engagement, critical thinking and analysis.

We offer mentoring in all curriculum areas and assist with student-learning processes. Suggestions from head teachers, principals and practitioners are taken so that our courses meet your needs.

All our consultants work with high professional standards offering significant guidance to empower teachers. The guiding force behind Edvantage is a passionate educator who wants to make a difference in the lives of both the teacher and the taught. When they

–Ms. Anjum Babukhan


Courses Offered
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We will run our own short term courses and workshops for teachers...
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Global Certification
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Edvantage and Envision, a US-based Educational Consultant, come...